Aeria Mall is proud to offer you a variety of services to make your visit memorable and hassle-free. From finding the right restaurant to creating a unique shopping experience, we offer a range of services designed to help you shop with ease.


Stay connected with our free high-speed Wi-Fi connection during your visit.
Our platform is multilingual and available in Arabic, French, and English. Log on to to @Aeria Mall by Anfa Realties and you will be online in a few simple steps.

Display screen

These interactive digital directories are located throughout the mall and at the customer service desks. Browse the four levels of the mall, or look for a particular shop or restaurant. A unique mapping feature that allows you to find the best route for you to the shop of your choice, so that you can easily move in the shopping center. You can also plan a visit to several shops and download the route plan to your phone using the QR code displayed on the screen.


Aeria Mall gives priority to the safety of its customers. A Security team and an on-site emergency team are available 24h to respond to immediate situations and react in case of crises or emergencies.

Car Wash

Have your car washed while you do your shopping and while your kids are having fun thanks to our convenient on-site service. Open from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. Available in the main parking of the mall.

Prayer Room

Aeria Mall has prayer rooms on site for men and women clearly indicated. For more details, please contact one of the customer service desks or consult our electronic directory for locations.

Electric vehicle charging station

A vehicle charging station is an infrastructure equipped with one or more terminal connectors for recharging electric vehicles within the Aeria Mall parking. The terminal connector has at least one charging point which is marked by a socket. A charging station has the space required for the vehicle to park, the charging point (terminal, box…) and other necessary elements. It complies with technical standards; certified in 2014 by the European Commission.

Parking lot

Aeria Mall has a system that helps you quickly find parking spaces free of charge. Look for lights on each floor of the ramp: green lights represent open parking spaces and red represent complete parking spaces.

Energy Bank

To fully or partially recharge the battery of your smartphone, Aeria Mall provides you with a self-service battery backup solution available in our information desks and near the food court of the shopping center. To make up for the lack of battery during your visit, Aeria Mall now has a service particularly adapted to this problem.

Information desks

Aeria Mall has three information desks located at the west entrance and the south entrance of the first floor. You can find the exact location of our desks on our touchmaps. The counters are open during the shopping center’s opening hours and are available to answer

Lost items

Lost something at the mall? The members of our customer service team will be happy to help you. An online form is also available for lost and found requests. Due to the number of items handed in, we can only hold the items for one week after they are found and then twill be donated to charity.
For further assistance, please call 06 61 09 44 61.

Strollers and wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility

Strollers, wheelchairs and carts are available for rent in all reception desks.  All rentals require a security deposit refundable of 100 DHS. All equipment must be returned before the closing of the center. Equipment not returned or damaged will be evaluated at its total value on the customer’s credit card.

Poussettes enfants

Des poussettes, des fauteuils roulants et des chariots sont disponibles à la location à tous les bureaux du service d’accueil. Toute location nécessite un dépôt de garantie remboursable de 100 DHS. Tout l’équipement doit être rendu avant la fermeture du centre commercial. Les équipements non retournés ou endommagés seront évalués à leur valeur totale sur la carte de crédit du client.

Automatic teller machine

Even though we live in an increasingly dematerialized world, we all need cash at some point in time. That’s where the distributors come in hand. Automatic machines are placed pretty much everywhere in the Aeria Mall shopping center. They are the most convenient way to get cash without having to visit your bank.